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Amethyst Cluster Crystal

Amethyst Cluster Crystal

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Experience the healing power of nature with our Amethyst Cluster Crystal. Mined and polished from natural sources, this crystal cluster exudes positive energy. The perfect addition to your meditation or home decor, its calming vibrations and stunning surface will bring peace and balance to your life. 


1. Stress Relief and eases anxiety: Amethyst is often associated with calming the mind and reducing stress.
2. Spiritual Growth: It is often used in meditation to enhance spiritual awareness and open the third eye.
3. Protection: Amethyst clusters are believed to provide protection against negative energies.
4. Sleep Aid: It’s said to help with insomnia and provide more peaceful dreams.
5. Clarity and Focus: Amethyst is believed to enhance mental clarity and improve focus.
6. Healing and Wellness: They are said to aid in detoxification, support the immune system, and alleviate pain.

Product Information

Material: Amethyst crystal
Production process: Grinded, natural & polished
Size: 100-300g, 400-500g, 600-700g, 800-1000g, 1000-1200g
Package: Amethyst cluster x1

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