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Body Ceramic Vase

Body Ceramic Vase

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Experience the beauty of femininity with our Body Ceramic Vase, a stunning handmade artwork by talented artists. Its versatile design can be used as a standalone piece or as part of a larger display. Its unique decoration brings a modern and artistic touch to any space, making it the perfect intimate gift for  bohemian lovers or home decor enthusiasts!


1. Handmade artworks: Designed and manufactured by genius artists, inspired by women.
2. Multi-purpose: This exquisite hand-drawn female vase can be used as an ornament.
3. Unique decor:The Body Shaped Flower Vase is an excellent addition to a living room, kitchen, bedroom, mantle, desk, coffee table, and any other place you want to add a subtle, chic touch. This adds an artistic atmosphere for any space. Body vases are an eye-catching piece that pays tribute to the beauty of the female body.



Product Information

Material: Ceramic
Surface: Glazed
Size: Medium-19cm height x14.5cm l x12cm width (diameter 3cm)
Small-14cm height x 11cm length x8cm wide (diameter is 4.5cm)

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