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Silicone Non Stick 10 Set Kitchenware

Silicone Non Stick 10 Set Kitchenware

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Experience the convenience of our Silicone Non Stick 10 Set Kitchenware! This modern and simple scoop kit includes 10 pieces of high-quality silicone kitchen tools, such as a spaghetti claw, scraper, spoon, and more. With non stick, anti-slip, and high temperature resistant features, cooking has never been easier. Say goodbye to burnt or slippery hands and hello to effortless cooking! 

Product Information

Material: Silicone
Style: 10 Pieces of silica gel kitchenware, spaghetti claw, flat scraper, scraper, spoon, silicone oil brush, leaky shovel, spade, spoon, fence, spoon, large kitchen ware bucket (11*11*17cm)
Functions: Non-stick pan, anti-slip, high temperature resistance, anti-scalding

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